Quiet/Disquiet, 2014

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Director Stuart Purves
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Notes on the making of Quiet/Disquiet

This body of work began with my fourth trip to the South Island of New Zealand, this time to the glacial valleys and geologically young peaks around Aoraki/Mt Cook. I was initially drawn to the glaciers as simultaneously emblematic of monumental power and precarious fragility as the glacial face melts away year by year due to global warming. The river of ice sculpts the landscape as it advances, yet its retreat is rapid and inexorable, in a radical state of disappearance, sometimes violent but mostly silent. The glacial melt when in balance plays a critical ecological role, feeding rivers and supplying fresh water during dry spells, but when seasonally continuous due to climate change, it becomes a destabilising flow.

'Quiet/Disquiet' essay continued...

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