In 1995 Sarah Tomasetti gained a professional qualification in ‘Tecnica Pittura Murale’ at the Laboratorio per Affresco di Vainella in Italy. Twice a year she offers a small group of artists and students the opportunity to do a workshop in her studio in the techniques of fresco painting. Participants learn how to prepare and apply traditional fresco plasters, pigments and temperas and in order to create both painted and engraved surfaces. She provides comprehensive notes on each technique and lists of local suppliers of materials to assist you in the application of fresco methods in local and contemporary contexts; on small and large scales.

Workshop I

This is a one-day introduction to the fundamentals of the buon fresco technique. Participants will learn how to correctly mix and apply l’intonaco, plan an image using a traditional sinopia and paint buon fresco with dry pigments.

All materials are supplied. Participants take home one work on a portable support.

Workshop II

In addition to the techniques covered in the Introductory Workshop, this two-day workshop includes the techniques in preparing a detachable surface and mounting it onto a lightweight support for hanging. It also covers the preparation and use of egg tempera traditionally used to extend the working time.

All materials are supplied. Participants take home one work on a portable support and one work mounted on wood.

Workshop III

This four day workshop extends the range of fresco technique covered in the Introductory and Advanced Workshops to include the method of sgraffito, which is a form of engraved plaster traditionally employed throughout Europe as a way of decorating buildings.

All materials are supplied. Participants take home up to four works; on both portable supports and mounted on wood.

The highest quality materials are supplied, including pure pigments sourced from both Australia and overseas.

Workshops are limited to four to six participants so that there is substantial time available for individual tuition in painting. The workshops are suitable for beginners planning to make small fresco copies or for artists and professional mural painters who wish to extend the scope of their own image-making through the medium of fresco.


Sarah is a lecturer in Fine Art at RMIT University and occasionally takes on private students for painting, drawing and folio development; particularly those who wish to gain entry into a diploma or degree course in Fine Art. She also offers professional development and consultation for individuals or groups of students who may have completed a course and wish to put together their first solo or group exhibition.

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