From Balpatta 2022-23

Phd Completion Viewing
RMIT University, Melbourne

PhD Completion Viewing
From Balpatta, 2022 - 2023

These five banners were sprayed with pigmented water after the plaster was laid, which slowe

d the rate of curing and allowed for whites made of lime putty and marble dust to adhere in relief.  Snow in shadow is applied with latte di calce, tinted with cerulean pigment, whilst rock faces are indicated through the excavation of the surface with a flat blade and subsequent staining of those areas with sprayed pigment. Thus, the topographical imagery is produced through a series of physical engagements with the materiality of the fresco skin, other than the customary brushing of marks.  The cloth emerging at the base of each banner is marked with the various residues of these engagements, and affords removal from the wall that provide d both support and absorption throughout the curing.  The range depicted is a small section of the vast range that can be seen from a small stone temple on a hill in the north of Uttarakhand in India.

– Sarah Tomasetti, 2023