KPG, 2009

Salon des Refuses, National Trust
S.H. Ervin Gallery
2 Watson Rd, Millers Point
Sydney NSW 2000

T: +61 (02) 9258 0173

Sarah Tomasetti is respected and collected for her quite beautiful fresco work. She trained in Italy under orthodox tutelage and went on to develop new permutations of this ancient art that lend her paintings and drawings a delicacy and illusion of fragility that is at once aesthetically seductive and thematically poignant. Recent works engage with the complexity of our shifting relationship to the natural world; the awe that is our inheritance is now shot through with dread, guilt, hope, mourning for the once unassailable vastness that now has a seemingly tenuous future. These works are not dogmatic, but instead, utterly still, even restful, pausing as they do in the site of the liminal, between mist and land, dusk and night, here and there.